Ready Guar Process


We import directly from reputed manufactures with stringent product requirements. The original COA includes hydration viscosity testing method and its reading. Furthermore, the polymer is selected for lower slurry viscosity. All cargo is stored in clean and dry warehouse for domestic shipment of guar powder in bags or via pneumatic loading. Bag samples are taken with double sealed bags, and make clear direct offers to end-users. Payment terms can be negotiated best cash price or net 30 for D&B verified vendors with account receivable insurance approved limits.


When indicative price and COA is satisfactory, the bag samples are shipped for testing, and upon satisfactory testing, the contract will be executed.


We attend all guar load-out to ensure correct lots are shipped in a timely manner. We can provide assistance in finding a qualified trucking vendors. We document condition of all shipment to ensure quality material is shipped.


Please send your cargo details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with COA, BL, and material location, the warehouse contact and address. Our cost,ONE PENNY, is absolutely the best money can buy for safe and superior services. We will inform any additional cost including account receivable insurance cost up-front and avoid a last minute surprise.


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